Slavery: Then and NowNewspaper Article
Scenario: Imagine that you are a news reporter from the present day that has been transported in time to a slave ship in the year 1750. Your mission is to write an article for your town’s newspaper about the capture and transporting of slaves from Africa to the New World (America) in what is known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade. You will also report on modern day slavery. You hope that with your report you can reveal the horrors of slavery and prevent future atrocities from happening in our world.

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This job has 5 writing tasks:

Task 1: The Middle Passage
Middle Passage: The name given to the forced transportation of enslaved individuals from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean and to the New World. What happened during the Middle Passage? In at least 4-6 sentences describe what the experience was like for Africans as they were taken from their home and forced onto a ship to come to the Americas. What conditions did they endure? Give as many details as possible.

Task 2: Illustrate the Path of the Triangular Trade Slave Trade
Draw, label and color a picture of the triangular slave trade. Explain the triangular trade. Be sure to label what routes were used and what products were transported where.

Task 3: Slave Narratives (Stories)
From 1936 to 1938, over 2,300 former slaves from across the South were interviewed by writers and journalists under the Works Progress Administration. These stories will give you a glimpse into what human beings endured after the Atlantic Slave Trade as they lived their life in slavery. Click on the site below to open the annotated index of narratives.” Choose a person to read about and report what you learned about their life and the hardships of slavery in at least 4-6 sentences. You may use the story of Fannie Moore if you would like, or chose a new slave story to read about.

Task 4: Modern Day Slavery
In 4-6 sentences tell what types of slavery exist today and what countries that it occurs. Explain how modern slavery is different from the slave trade in the 1700/1800’s?

Task 5: Your Opinion
In 4-6 sentences give a response to what you learned. How did you feel while reading about the conditions of the Middle Passage, reading slave narratives and learning about modern day slavery?


1. You are required to give credit to the authors/resources that you took information from. This is called "citing your sources".
2. Use to help you "cite your sources" and create a "Work Cited" or "Bibliography" section of your biography paper.
3. Use MLA Format.

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