The Transatlantic Slave Trade

The transatlantic slave trade changed the world forever. In the course of three and a half centuries, twelve million Africans were forced into bondage and removed from their homelands.

In this web reading, we will examine the history and development of the transatlantic slave trade in order to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the people who were affected by it.

Instructions: Visit the following websites below. Read the 5 sections below and answer each question. Take additional notes when necessary.

  1. Who were Creole's? Define the Black Atlantic?
  2. How many people migrated to the Western Hemisphere between 1492-1776? Out of this number, how many of those people were slaves?
  3. How did slavery greatly impact the world?
  4. Explain what issues Africa experienced with the loss of population? What are the long-term problems that African countries now face?
  1. What European nation first began transporting and trading slaves? What other European nations soon followed?
  2. In what parts of the world could enslaved Africans be found?
  3. Between 1650-1807 how many Africans were displaced from Africa?
  4. When was the ban on importation of slaves in the USA and Britain?
  5. After this ban, where were the major destinations for African slaves?
  1. What were some of the major factors that contributed to the capture and enslavement of Africans?
  1. What was the Triangular Trade?
  2. How did the Triangular Trade benefit the Americas?
  3. In your opinion, how did this facilitate the beginning of the Middle Passage?
  4. What were some of the atrocities slaves endured during their transport through the Middle Passage? Provide at least 5 examples.


  1. How were slaves used to benefit the Americas?

After viewing episode one of Roots, complete the following assignment relating to the Transatlantic slave trade:

Summary Paragraph-

In a paragraph (5-7 sentences), explain and describe the history of the transatlantic slave trade. Include the following in your paragraph:

  • The way in which Africans were captured

  • Details of how Africans were treated on the slave trade ships