Roots and American Slavery
Final Essay

Due: End of session

1. Explain the history of African Americans in the United States relating the the slavery era
2. Use primary and secondary sources to support opinions and ideas


1. Construct a well-written essay about the institution of slavery in the United States as witnessed in the Roots miniseries. You will use examples from the series and other classwork to complete this assignment. You will be evaluated using the rubric below. Your essay must contain an introduction (including a thesis statement which addresses the topic of your essay), body paragraphs (supporting your thesis) and a conclusion.

2. Use the following website, Essay Map , to help you construct your essay and ensure that your ideas and content are well-organized.

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Explain three (3) topics related to slavery in the United States. Use specific examples and details that were presented throughout Roots.

1. TransAtlantic Slave Trade (Triangular Trade)
2. Middle Passage
3. Indentured Servitude
4. Slavery Laws
5. Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin
6. Slavery in the Antebellum South (Before the Civil War)
7. Illiteracy and Slavery
8. Slave Rebellions
9. Share Cropping
10. Slave Families
11. Women's Role during Slavery
12. Men's Role during Slavery
13. Lynch Mobs

Additional Resources:
African American Migration Experience
African American World - PBS
Slavery and the Making of American - PBS
Africans in America - PBS

You will be evaluated using the following rubric: